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Some call it fate ... I call it Natural. I'm talkin bout the beauty within of course.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life & Lemons

    So you know that saying "When life hands you lemons..."? Well just recently, I have had a new outlook on that.  Instead of "making lemonade",  I'm just going to throw these lemons back in life's face!! I haven't posted on my "brand new blog" in over a year and that's because I have had some sour lemons come my way. 
     Now I know everyone has their share of these sour lemons. And I've always said "It's not what you go through in life that makes you who you are but how you handle the situations". Well I think for what I've been through, I handle things pretty darn well. Getting older I realize there's no room to tolerate peoples BS and I haven't in the past 3 years. So I've lost my share of so called "friends" but they were sucking the life out of me more than anything. With every new lemon, I've made my lemonade just for its tartness to come back and bite me though. The best thing for me was just to move along in my life and try to find my place. Which is what I've been trying to do for the past 2 years. Well more like 10 but mostly these past 2.

      In the search for "my place" in life I have moved back and forth thinking I left a town, city or state that could have been right just to find myself back home where it all began. And can I just say that stress hits pretty hard after a move.  Especially when you move as often as I did. You pack all your things just to pack it back up in 10-12 months and then comes the organizing (and if you're anything like me then everything has to be in its place in order for the world to be right), then the job searches and the catching up with friends in the area that you just moved to (my favorite part). But all of this takes its toll on not only your  body but your mind. I know I'm not alone in this. Well just after my recent move back to the same State AND City to be with my boyfriend, his lemons went sour and so our relationship took the toll. And instead of sticking around to try to make something that may or may not have worked, I came home to my rightful place. Which yes, meant another move. LOL.

     Life and its stupid lemons. I like oranges & orange juice better. So now that I've chucked these lemons away and I have my oranges in order. I've started to drink my orange juice. It still needs work but who's orange juice tastes right after a long time of being gross sour lemonade.  I have been bringing out the creative side in me that I lost so long ago. I'll post pictures and make more room in my life for the important things. BLOGGING and SOCIAL NETWORKING!!!! LOL. Seriously though, I am making this work. Time to get ME back. And this is part of it. Prepare yourself world for Kernolife to be back in order!! 

Don't forget to be as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. 

Tell me about how you handle the oranges (or lemons if you like them better) that come your way? 
If you're having any troubles with yours maybe we can help each other out with some advice. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Away for the holiday

So its either Late Nite or a Good Morning to all my beauty lovers. Now I know I just started posting but Im heading out of town for the week to visit with the FamBam and I didn't want you all to think I just fell off the planet. I know I missed this past week but I'm just setting up for some tutorials. I'm thinking Fall & Winter and Christmas & New Years looks. Not all in one but just a few ideas brewing ... I'm hoping you all will like what's in store. So stay tuned & I will be posting again on the 29th. I hope to have some previews on the 28th!! See you all soon AND have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Love, Peace & Hair Grease!

P.S. Leave me a comment with things that you're grateful for this Thanksgiving! Whether its your loved ones or your fav beauty product, I wanna know!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hairastic or Hairailure?

Let me tell you all a little story of how my hair lost its curl. It starts back in August when I wanted to lighten my hair because I wanted to go lighter slowly so that there wouldn’t be so much damage done to my hair. Also so that I could get it so blonde that when I added the color pink to it, it would be ever so vibrant. Well the first attempt wasn't too bad. In fact it wasn’t even that noticeable. I wanted to attempt the balayage or ombre melting look.
Just an idea of what I would have liked for my hair to look like.

 BUT those darn ends of mine just weren't as light as I wanted them to be. So I went lighter all over. Well by the time I made this decision my roots had grown out a little bit so they came out lighter and the rest resembled this rusty orange color (which now looking back wasn’t so bad just wasn’t what I wanted). 
Not the best of pictures ... but it will do.

So in an attempt to fix this I decided (keep in mind I used colors I had in my possession rather then going out to purchase what it was I needed) to darken my base and lighten those ends just one more time & tone with an ash color. Well I did all this lightening in such a short amount of time that I just so happened to cause my hair all the damage I wanted to avoid in the first place. 

I wish I had a picture of what this looked like but I hated it so much that I wore it up in a ponytail til I found the perfect solution. So with ends looking like hay and what once was cute curls in my hair now just some mixture of straight, wavy frizziness, I caved. I went out and purchased black color and threw it all over my hair in hopes to bring back some sort of life to my strands. Well the look of fried ends went away but running my fingers threw my hair I felt those ends laughing at my face. Pointing out all my disappointments that were trying to be covered up.  With lifeless hair … how am I supposed to live with myself? And then my prayers where answered.

Now after a haircut and after using Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo & Dove Intensive Daily Treatment Conditioner my hair feels so much better but my curls are not completely back to their usual selves. However, I am planning on a Protein treatment this week. I’m thinking that will make a big difference. I’ll keep ya posted.

Oh yea and the moral to this story: When you have a goal ... don't go around your original plan ... that will just set you back. ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

To be Kern or not to be Kern?... THAT is the question.

So I’m willing to bet that most of you are wondering “Why KernOLife?”. Well the answer is simple but I figured I should make this as complicated as possible. Ask yourself this one question … ARE YOU READY? LOL.  So my nickname used to be” K Hern” but someone decided to shorten it to Kern & I just liked it. 

***Kern1 (kurn) noun - 1. A part of the face of a type projecting beyond the body or shank, as in certain italic letters. verb (used with object) 2. To form or furnish with a kern, as a type or letter. 3. To remove a portion of space between (adjacent letters) in preparation for printing. 4. A nickname for a girl named Kristin Hernandez, using the ‘K’ and the ‘ern’.***

Also I’m sure most of you have heard of a refreshing beverage called “Kern’s Nectar”. Well one fine day … Long ago actually I thought to myself, “Kern’s Nectar … what an odd name. Such a delicious drink and  it quenches my thirst so effectively. It’s almost as if I need this drink to live. One might call it … the Nectar of life.” 

So with the combination of my love of the irish accent “KernOLife” was born into effect for my YouTube account. It wasn’t until just here recently that I decided to make it my official blogger name. After carefully considering many others (that I’ll spare you the horror of having to read), I couldn’t help but ask myself “Isn’t beauty our nectar of life?” and I’m not  trying to sound conceded but I figured representing the people who are beautiful (regardless whether its inside or out), everyone is an “OLifer”.